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Interview with Alex Pop – June 6th 2014

Interview with Alex Pop – June 6th 2014, at Dollar Cinema in Montreal, after the world premiere of “Softwaring Hard.
This is the Romanian version of the interview. English subtitles soon!
Interview taken by Vanda Ciuban Serban on behalf of K2TVRo.

Anybody can rate the film on IMDb

Rate ‘Softwaring Hard’ on IMDb

Hi everyone,

This is just a heads up for the people who watched or contributed to the movie: you don’t need an IMDb account to rate films on IMDb, because you can choose to login with Facebook or Google. So you only need a Facebook or a Gmail account.

And more ratings won’t hurt (except if they are less than 5 :D).

Don’t hesitate, rate it. We’d appreciate that. 🙂