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Alex Pop at Lina Jones’ radio show

I got invited by Lina Jones as a guest to her radio show and I will be part of June 2nd edition. I will keep you posted and get back with a link to the show.

New articles

Next week two articles about Softwaring Hard should appear, one in Evenimentul Zilei (Romania) and one in The European Software Tester magazine, the April-May 2014 issue. The second one will include also a mini-interview with Alex Pop.

And we are also heading to the world premiere on June 6th.

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Press Release

“SOFTWARING HARD” Press release

For Immediate Release: March 19th 2014                                                        Contact: Alex Pop

(514) 944-1692




(“Softwaring Hard” director and also an active QA Engineer)

The first feature film to put the software makers and its users

face to face to answer similar questions; it shows the difference

between what people think software is and what it really is;

Interviews in 13 countries on 6 continents

WHAT:               World premiere of Softwaring Hard and Q&A session

WHERE:             DOLLAR CINEMA Montreal


WHEN:               June 6th 2014, 6:00 PM

SPEAKERS:                 Alex Pop (Q&A session at the end)

DETAILS:           Entry is $5 and open to the public, $7 at the door; for more information, call or e-mail Alex Pop at (514) 944-1692 or  or visit the film’s official site and “Softwaring Hard” on IMDb


Alex Pop’s documentary Softwaring Hard will screen at DOLLAR CINEMA Montreal, 6900DECARIE SQUARE on June 6th at 6:00 PM. The film will be screened in English. This event is the film’s world premiere.

Now, there’s software everywhere in the world, no matter of countries, cities, ages or habits of the people. Wherever you look, there’s probably software. Surprisingly, you won’t find documentaries on software. The specific genre is a humorous take on software making and what each part understands about the other and its declared purpose is to help the software makers understand what the regular users think about the process and about them and help the regular users get a closer to the truth image of the software development process.

This screening is organized by PORCOVETE PICTURES and Alex Pop, which are working to achieve WORLD EXPOSUREfor the film. PORCOVETE PICTURES is screening the film to mark the film’s official birthdate.

For more information about Softwaring Hard and to view the trailer, visit the film’s official site. For downloadable press materials (including production notes and high-res photos), visit the press section. For more information about WAYS TO SPONSOR AND/OR HELP visit the current campaign.

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