Softwaring Hard with special features and subtitles on DVD

The film is now available on Amazon (on DVD) and VHX TV (HD digital format). They both include special features and subtitles in 6 languages. Enjoy!

Rules updated for the ‘Speed Weekend’ section of ACDC International Film Festival

Check the new rules for this section:

Basically, registration is free now for the ‘Speed Weekend’ section. For a limited period, of course.

Poetry book by Vanda Ciuban Serban and Alex Pop

Poetry book by Vanda Ciuban Serban and Alex Pop

In the meantime (while still working on tweaking ‘Softwaring Hard’), we managed to published a second edition (English only version) of our poetry book (first published in Romania in 2006 – bilingual edition – Romanian and English).

It is also available as a Kindle edition.


Anybody can rate the film on IMDb

Rate ‘Softwaring Hard’ on IMDb

Hi everyone,

This is just a heads up for the people who watched or contributed to the movie: you don’t need an IMDb account to rate films on IMDb, because you can choose to login with Facebook or Google. So you only need a Facebook or a Gmail account.

And more ratings won’t hurt (except if they are less than 5 :D).

Don’t hesitate, rate it. We’d appreciate that. 🙂